ZFR BAB A6 Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof

Realisation of 2 ramp metering systems

Two ramp metering systems (ZFR) inclusive web cameras for the video surveillance of the traffic on the highways and around the ramp metering area were realised on the BAB A6 junction Kaiserslautern- Einsiedlerhof.

For the controlling of the system a traffic sub-center (UZ) was built in the Fernmeldemeisterei Wattenheim. The UZ is based on the federal core software for traffic control centers. Beside the the available basic moduls, the following software components developed by BitCtrl are used:

  • user and operating signal administration
  • data migration and preparation
  • archive
  • traffic situation calculation
  • video retransmitter
  • protocol creation
  • user interface

A video server for video transmission was also necessary for the project. The server was installed in the Kabelhaus Kaiserslautern-West.

Video transmission and transformation

The video cameras deliver analog signals. These signals will be compressed in real-time via an MPEG encoder device in MPEG-4 format and put out as IP packages via an ethernet interface. Different encoder parameter like connection type, transmission rate, resolution, etc. are parameterisable.

The video processing of the ZFR is realised with the bitcontrol® Video Streaming Server (bcVSS) that provides plug-ins for the transfers of video data to the UZ server and to the BASt. So bcVSS performs the following essential tasks:

  • retransmitting of the received video stream
  • video sequence buffering in a ring buffer (minimum one week capacity)
  • video file streaming

The display of the video streams in the control stations occur with the help of a browser plug-in that is integrated in the Java based user interface.

Video files can also be played back in Windows Media® Player independently from the possibility mentioned above.

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