VIZ Baden-Württemberg

Development of a web based traffic information center

The Regierungspräsidium Tübingen, Landesstelle für Straßentechnik (LST) realises the construction of a traffic information center (VIZ) based on the new implemented traffic control center (VRZ). VIZ should deliver selected traffic information services for the citizens and should be the access to relevant traffic data for citizens, companies and administration.

The traffic information center will be implemented in several steps. The first one contains a general and user-friendly web page for end users and a simple connection to third-party systems (e.g. external service companies or internal administration services).

Today the website provides the following live data:

  • Colored graphic display of the latest traffic situation (LOS – „Level of Service“) on highways and federal roads – The information come from the VRZ Baden-Württemberg and from the DDG. The selection of the traffic situation that is shown in the internet will be configured.

  • Graphic display of roadwork sites and traffic messages as pictrograms as well as detail views in extra windows

  • Fixed-images of 120 traffic cameras that will be updated each minute

High performance is realised by double server systems with automatic failover mechanism.

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