VBA B96n Stralsund

Traffic sub-center and video center

GUI of the Rügen bridge traffic control unit

The Straladunsquerung has been connected the island of Rügen with the German mainland sind october 2007.

The construction has a length of more than 4 kilometers and is at the moment the longest bridge for traffic in Germany. This huge dimension of the technical masterpice means special requirements for traffic security.

A traffic control system (VBA) was built to realise the traffic security in combination with optimal traffic flow. The traffic unit and the video unit of the system was implemented by BitCtrl.

Radar detection data that register the traffic frequency on the seperate sections, data of the automatic event detection of the video surveillance (e.g. wrong-way drivers, standing vehicles) and environment data (smoothness, wetness, fog, wind) accumulate on the system. These data are stored, displayed and processed for the traffic control system by intelligent suggestions.

The transmission of data for the traffic display via signs on the bridge, dynamic signs and illuminated lane markings traffic participants that should guide the traffic participants can occur on base of the suggestions manually or fully automated.

The event detection of the 35 surveillance camerasinitiates the automatic recording of video sequences inclusive event leadtime for analysis and preserving evidence.

Beside the permanent live video in the central control room, other functions like automatic live video connection during events, cyclic camera switches and video ring buffering are implemented. The video management system in the central control room is based on the bitcontrol® VidCtrl products.

The traffic control sub-center was realised by Bitctrl on base of the federal core software for traffic control centers with propietary developments of moduls like Java based GUI with integrated video playback, wiring diagram editor, wiring suggestion calculation and wiring server.

The main traffic control center of the VBA is situated 146km away in Malchow. All important data communications inclisive video transmission are implemented IP-based.

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