Tank system and reststop Aalbek-West

Display of free truck parking lots

The tank system and reststop Aalbek-West on the BAB 7 between the junctions Neumünster-Nord and Neumünster-Mitte has been expanded in 2010. As a result, the car and truck parking lots were separated. Now there are 83 parking lots more for trucks.

A pilot installation for truck parking lot display and monitoring was built too, because of the expected hight capacity utilization.

GUI of project software

Measurement principle

The amaont of free truck parking lots is determinated by difference count. Incoming and outgoing trucks are recorded cyclically (standard: every minute) and reported to the control center. The difference will be calculated and updated there. The number of occupied parking lots and the known capacity of the parking place (83 parking lots) are used to calculate the amount of free parking lots. The result is displayed afterward.

The information is shown in a display panel approxymately 350 meters in front of the exit of the tank system and reststop.

Technical realisation

The control center for the diaplay panels is based on the federal data distributer according to BLAK-VRZ. A lot of exsisting software units like the core system, parameterisation, archive and data preparation of short-term data, operating signal administration, protocol creation and framework based GUI are used. Only the data model that is used to represent the control model and the refering software units and framework plug-ins for the visualisation have been recreated.

A video surveillance with six fixed cameras  was installed to control and correct the occupancy of the parking lots. The compensation values as well as the initial values for the system can be entered in the GUI in Fernmeldemeisterei Neumünster after restarting the system.

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