BAB A7/A23-AD HH Nordwest

Tunnel lighting control

GUI lighting control

The lighting control for the tree tunnel systems of the interchange (AD) HH Nordwest realises an optimal tunnel illumination depending on the external lighting conditions.
This occurs by nine illumination levels that are grouped in night, control and pure switching steps.

One SPS per tunnel that is connected as Profibus slave to the master computer is used for the controlling and connection to the field devices. The base of the controlling are values of internal end external luminance cameras.

The parameter that are necessary to ensure optimal operating  like minimum ON / OFF times, burn-in times, switching threshold and control ramps are set in master computer.

The following operation modes of the system are available:

  • locally by hand (as emergency operation)
  • automatic (SPS controlled)
  • SCADA manually (manual switching or setpoint supply via GUI)

The SCADA process control system FlexCtrl 6 is used as base for the lighting control. It alreads contains essential elements like

  • process management
  • real-time database with ring buffer for current data
  • server for internal formula linkages and event generation
  • history programs for the storage of historical values and events
  • log programs
  • Profibus master driver for process connection

The remote access occurs via dial into the master computer that provide a web server. After successful connection setup all GIU functions are abvailable.

lighting control GUI example
lighting control GUI example

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