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Release Candidate 1 for bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite 1.1 available

Please download the Release candidate from Download area, section Previous versions and newer Release Candidates

Version 1.1RC1 release notes

  • The first version of our new decoder is included, which is capable of decoding H.264 and several MPEG-4 Part II derivates (MP4V, DIVX, XVID, DX50, DIV5, FMP4, SEDG).
  • An icon in the Windows® task bar will now be shown if the server is running. With the context menu of this icon you can stop the server, or open the ui.
  • Transcoding will now work with video and audio if you use a stream transcoder. Transcoding only video is now done with sub stream transcoders.
  • Documentation has been improved.
  • PTZ Support for Bosch VIP X1600 High-Performance Video Encoder and Bosch VIP X1 has been introduced.
  • New menu for configuring an Application has been introduced (not finished yet).
  • Serious issue in the start-stop mechanism of the Applications that could lead to ‘zombies’ has been fixed.
  • Several smaller bug fixes.

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