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Infotainment pilot project in Chicago

Two CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) buses have been equipped with new infotainment hardware from Vianova Technologies and software from BitCtrl Systems over the past few months and are now driving on various routes in the Chicago metropolitan area.

In this pilot project, CTA is testing the use of infotainment systems in its vehicles and their acceptance by passengers.

 Passenger information and infotainment are displayed on 29" 32:9 stretch displays with a resolution of 1920x540.

The CTA chose an asymmetrical division of the display area into several display areas to display the content. Thanks to the bitcontrol® software, this mode of operation can be realized effortlessly.

In addition to the sequence of stops with static connection information, the journey times to the next stop are also displayed.

To display the position of the vehicle on the map, the bitcontrol® software processes localisation data provided via GPS.

If required, service information of the CTA can be displayed on the infotainment displays. This information is provided via a CAN interface in the bus.

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