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Infotainment and Real-Time Transfer Information in Malaga

EMT Malaga equipped 56 buses with intelligent displays on which the powerful bitcontrol® M² Player is running. Furthermore, all systems own an interface to the driver assistant system and to the bitcontrol® DPI server which is used to deliver the following data to the buses:

  • Position via GPS
  • Target Code via IBIS ERIC Terminal
  • Reat-Time Transfer Connections
  • Route / Thermometer Data
  • Static  Connections
  • Service Alert


In this project, the map display as visualization for the route was realized too.

Furthermore, sign language videos for special sights - prepared by EMT Malaga - are displayed at defined stops. The allocation of the videos to the stops occurs by the harmonious synchronized bitcontrol® LISA software components.

The supply of the buses with current content is done with the bitcontrol® CMS with integrated bitcontrol® WSM module for the analysis of technical and commercial log files.

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