bitcontrol® WSM

bitcontrol® Service and Maintenance Management (WSM)

The bitcontrol® Service and Maintenance Management (WSM) allows for the documentation, tracing and analysis of the entire life cycle of an infotainment system consisting of computers and display units.

The system offers several advantages for MTA companies and their service and maintenance teams as well as for content providers and marketing personnel:

  • The availability and state of all infotainment systems inside and outside the vehicles can be retrieved at any time.
  • Executed service and maintenance activities can be documented.
  • The inventory of system components and their state are visible.
  • Statistics on the update conditions and actuality of the content, for each individual system if demanded, show the reliability and efficiency of the infotainment system.
  • Service messages will be transmitted fully automatically to bitcontrol® WSM. Thus the service staff knows the state of the infotainment systems of the last day right at beginning of their shift.