bitcontrol® M² Player

bitcontrol® Multicontent Multimedia Player

The bitcontrol® M² Player (Multicontent Multimedia Player) is the user application module for display systems (e.g. on-board computers in vehicles) of the bitcontrol® LISA infotainment system. It is used to play back multimedia content and information like weather, news, traffic information, advertising, etc. according to a playlist.

The playlist generates change-over points, either cyclically or event-driven based on timetable or vehicle information. These change-over points automate the switch between passenger information and infotainment.

The playlists are created by the bitcontrol® CMS.

The bitcontrol® M² Player supports a huge amount of interfaces and multimedia formats (see below).

Example playlist

Available / optional properties / interfaces

  • IBIS, IBIS-2, IBISplus
  • WLAN
  • Door contact / Stop (digitaler Input)
  • Time and location dependent content control
  • System and resources control (Watchdog, RAM, HD)
  • Permanent ready for download new content (e.g. via WLAN, Ethernet, USB, UMTS, DAB)
  • Permenent ready to receive new messages (e.g. via GPRS / SMS / UMTS / DAB)

Supported multimedia formats and content

  • MPEG-1/2/4, H.263/264, AVC, WMV, FVL, HDTV
  • TV suite (DVB-T/S, RTSP-live, RTSP-VOD), DVD, CD
  • Images (PNG, BMP, JPG, TGA, GIF), text, ticker
  • Animation
  • HTML with Javascript for IE and Firefox
  • PDF, MS Word, MS Excel
  • Mixed playlist and event control

The bitcontrol® M² Player is ideal for multimedia purposes with graphical runtime support. It is characterized by a particular stability during playback of playlist elements like text, image, video or animations.

The structure of the playlist elements has been improved and the playlist elements own more attributes. This is beneficial for the realization of special design effects: For
example, single playlist elements can be placed in any order on the screen. So it is possible to show easily videos with subtitles, advertising pictures or animation as well as video in video.