bitcontrol® CMS

bitcontrol® Content Management System

The bitcontrol® CMS (Content Management System) is the central administration portal for multimedia content to be played on target systems like infotainment systems in busses, trams or trains.

Via the web portal, advertisement customers, news providers, traffic operating companies or shop owners can independently add multimedia content of different formats, e.g. images, video, and declare when, where, how and how often a spot should be played.

The bitcontrol® CMS generates playlists for the bitcontrol® M²P (Multicontent Multimedia Player). Customized variants interfacing to third party players can be delivered as optional module.

bitcontrol® Content Mamangement System GUI
bitcontrol® Content Mamangement System GUI

bitcontrol® CMS add ons

The bitcontrol® CMS offers a number of different add on modules to enable the system to seamlessly integrate with existing environments. There are modules for integration with the operational control system (RBL) or time and location controlled playback of commercials.

Playlists can be designed to be much more attractive and varied by using the add-on modules for Content and News generation. The passengers will enjoy it and it will be a strong sales argument for potential advertisers.