bitcontrol® DFI real-time system

bitcontrol® DFI real-time system

Public transport companies work constantly on the improvement of the public transport and try to enhance the attractiveness, quality and usability for the passengers with different activities.

One way to enhance the attractiveness is the provision of timetable and interchange information for the passenger.
The passener receives the latest interchange information at the stations and more recently inside the public transport vehicles.

The software components of the bitcontrol® DFI real-time system by the BitCtrl Systems GmbH provides an alternative solution for the display of dynamic passenger information in public transport vehicles parallel or connected to the
integrated board information system.

The new solution of the BitCtrl Systems GmbH is based on default interfaces according to the VDV 452/453/454 standards and the bitcontrol® DFI real-time system components.

The bitcontrol® DFI real-time system works as proxy server between an ITCS (Intermodal Transport Control System) or a DDS (data turntable) and consists of the components bitcontrol® DFI server with database system, the implemented VDV interfaces for the coupling to the supervising system and the safety-monitored communication channels via internet to the vehicle.

The following functions will be realised:

  • Identification of the DFI real-time information from the ITCS/DDS via the implemented VDV interfaces in the DFI server
  • Projection and administration of the current traffic condition (arrival times) relating to the vehicles, lines and stations in a real-time database inclusive validation monitoring of the DFI data
  • Safety-monitored communication with the multifunction display servers in the vehicles via LTE / UMTS
  • Provision of the latest actual connections to the next transfer point dedicated for each vehicle
  • Provision of information about possible fault messages or detours depending on line or direction