bitcontrol® LISA

The bitcontrol® LISA (Live Infotainment System & Advertisement) is the ideal solution for operating companies and services providers of multimedia information.

The bitcontrol® software can be used selectively on one single system or on a lot of computers in LAN or internet. Playback devices are able to supply busses, trains or local institutions like multiple shops, airports, railway stations and so on.

bitcontrol® LISA combines the quality and the claims of TV with the possibilities of computer design.

The installation and the usage of bitcontrol® LISA is easy.

The software system can be used for the following purposes:

  • Distributed online live infotainment system for advertisement, news, information and entertainment
  • Passenger information in busses, trams or trains
  • Advertisement and infotainment in airports, railway stations or harbors
  • Consumer TV in stores
  • TV news  and stock marked prices in banks

All components can be customised ideal to user requirements.