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Online monitoring for power transformers

online monitoring for transformers

To guarantee a reliable energy supply in combination with reduced repairs and maintenance expenses as well as an optimal degree of capacity utilization it is wise, to use an online monitoring system, e.g. the monitoring system MS 2000, for transformers.

The software of the monitoring system MS 2000 is based on the process control system FlexCtrl by Firma BitCtrl Systems GmbH.

Each important functionality of the process control system FlexCtrl is realized with individual processes. These communicate with each other and tune their functions in this way, that deadlocks are eliminated.
For this purpose special data flow and interprocess communication concepts were developed.
Thereby FlexCtrl characterizes a high degree of security and allows via multitasking and the real-time operating system QNX® the resolution ans the processing of measured variables within the range of milliseconds.

A server allows the implementation of calculations and control processes according to a IEC 1131-3 standardized programming language. This simplifies the logical connection of different process variables.

Via web server, which is part of the monitoring system, the whole user interface can be provided browser based due Java applets.

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