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Controlling and video monitoring with FlexCtrl

The process control system FlexCtrl by BitCtrl is used as basis for the controlling and monitoring of lock operation and operation of pumping stations, for the realisation of the optimal water level in canals and the monitoring of shipping traffic, for example over canal bridges. 

The system will be supplemented with a video system that uses also parts of the bitcontrol® VidCtrl product family other proprietary BitCtrl components.

Thanks to the FlexCtrl architecture, the expansion of the single control stations that worked initially independently of each other to an interconnected control system with alternating multiple shift operations and hand-over of operating functions in distributed stations was possible without any problems.

FlexCtrl based control systems can be found here:

  • in Wasserstraßenkreuz Magdeburg
  • in lock-gates of the rivers Saale and Saar
  • in pumping stations for water supply of the Mittelland Canal with the Elbe-Havel Canal

Wasserstraßenkreuz Magdeburg

operator station Wasserstraßenkreuz Magdeburg

Due to the expansion of the waterway connection Hannover-Magdeburg-Berlin, heavy loads, container  können Schwerlasten, Container, bulk and dangerous cargo can be transported in a secured and environmentally friendly way alternatively to the highways and streets.

The Wasserstraßenkreuz consists of

  • the watergate Rothensee,
  • the canal bridge over the river Elbe,
  • the double watergate Hohenwarthe

and the connecting canals.

Further information can be found on the webite of the Wasserstraßen-Neubauamts Magdeburg (GERMAN).

The core of the traffic project is the longest canal bridge of Europe. It has a lenght of 918meters and leads the Mittellandkanal over the river Elbe.

Beside the encoding of the analog video signals in MPEG2/4, their transmission via network, the live video inclusion in the FlexCtrl user interfaces, a permanent 6 day video ring buffer was realised to analyse special events and to protect evidences in case of an accident.


The shipping traffic on the complex network of rivers and canals is monitored in the operation control center Magdeburg Rothensee.

For this information from the signal level mesurement network, weather information and information about the current shipping traffic are combined.


GUI Saaleschleusen

Five watergates guarantee the navigability of the river Saale.

The operating occurs on site at the control stand or at the central remote stand in Bernburg. The remote operating means strict requirements for the reliability of the control and video systems. That's why the systems are equipped with a promt self-monitoring.

Due to the control of several pumping stations a contant water level of the canals. The canals are subject to permanent water loss thought the locking of the ships and seepage. The loss is compensated by several pumping stations. These also take into account dynamic flow conditions.


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