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FlexCtrl for pump stations and wastewater treatment

GUI example water and wastewater

The process control system FlexCtrl by BitCtrl Systems GmbH replaces the process control systems of the pump stations, the measuring and dewatering system for lowering of groundwater and the wastewater treatment plant of the water and wastewater administration unit (WAZV) Bode-Wipper.

Thereby the management and visualization system was realized as reduntant client server configuration with one operator station.
Process connection as well as all permanently used functions like process images, alert processing, historical record and data analysis are running on the server. The data will be stored on a storage system.
A web server is the bridge to the web client operator station. This has no connection to the process control system, but has access to the process diagrams of the server.

The office work stations, which are used as web clients, work with a web browser visualization. This runs with all functions without any additional installation. Within the complete system it is possible, to diplay permanently refreshed data and alerts from all connected systems inside one window. This multi server configuration occurs without data point / process variable duplication in different sub-systems. So the direct access to remote process images is allowed.

Advantages of the system

GUI example water and wastewater

The modular conception of the system is the basis for a high scalability with the following advantages:

  • It is enough to start just function units which are actual used for the operation.
  • Each single function unit can exploit the maximum of the applications memory completely.
  • Function units can run on additional computers as needed.
  • Further operator stations can be added without parameterization effort.

The management and visualization system has also a reporting tool. Designed templates will be filled there automatically with data of the selected time period from the control station data base to create reports.
Thereby it can be actual values, historical values, condensed values and und values of SQL requests.
Furthermore it is possible to do different calculation directly inside a cell of a report template.

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