Reference projects

Comprehensive system for gas, water and district heating

The existent control system of the DREWAG Netz GmbH for water, gas and district heating by different producers (AEG ViewStar 750, PSI Control, Sauter, R&S) were modernised, enlarged and integrated to a homogeneous interconnected control system.

The resulting interconnected control system is based on 6 locally distributed and redundant WinCC OA systems.

In doing so, the process models and the visualisation of the legacy systems were transfered in an object-oriented architecture, in some cases by use of automatic conversion tools, e.g. ViewStar 750 to WinCC OA.

For the connection of the the existent spacious remote structure, own protocol converters that transform SEAB-1F, IEC61870-101 and R&S to IEC61870-104 are used. The configuration for the protocol converters will be automatically generated and transmitted to the devices. 

In the field of gas, a new and also redundant system for gas forecasting is used. The system was integrated with OPC-UA.

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