Reference projects

Process control and video surveillance with FlexCtrl

coaling plant in harbor power station Bremen

The automation of the coaling plant in harbor power station Bremen was realized in cooperation with the company Bilfinger Mauell GmbH (formerly Helmut Mauell GmbH).

Bilfinger Mauell GmbH was used as field technique.

Thereby the modular system ME30 IO moduls were connected along the milelong way of the whole hauling distance by a CANOpen network.

The coupling to the redundant master computers occurs via IEC870-5-101 gateway.

The software FlexCtrl by BitCtrl Systems GmbH is used as process control system.

A video surveillance to control hauling distance is integrated in the process control system. It is based on the products of the bitcontrol® Multimedia software family.

These are used to provide analog transmitted camera images to the video servers within the whole network. The playback of the video images in integrated in the FlexCtrl user interface. Control mode functions are realized with the central ME 30 system and a soft SPS on the master computer by way of function sharing.

The control center technique consists of a pair of redundant FlexCtrl servers, which guarantee in hot standby mode data lossless switching in case of error.

Visualization and use occur via several FlexCtrl touch-screen terminals at which the user rights are locked in the network.

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