The AllTec Gesellschaft für Automation und Kommunikation mbH uses the process control system FlexCtrl in applications for dams, waste-water treatments, public utility companies and so on.

The remote monitoring systems use the IOFlex data logger by BitCtrl Systems.

AlLSTOM Grid GmbH The department of power transformers of the AlLSTOM Grid GmbH Mönchengladbach uses the process control system FlexCtrl for transformer monitoring (continuous monitoring in milliseconds to optimise the management and to calculate the remaining service life).
Actemium Cegelec GmbH

The Actemium Cegelec GmbH uses FlexCtrl and bitcontrol® Multimedia products in automation technology projects partially including digital video technology.

Futhermore, BitCtrl is subcontractor for the Actemium Cegelec GmbH in different projects.

Georg Fischer BitCtrl Systems realises comprehensive automation technology solutions for seperate technological sections with the process control system FlexCtrl and the GSQSG quality assurance for the founding industry (e.g. Georg Fischer). In this context, an engergy management system was developed too.
Bilfinger Mauell GmbH The Bilfinger Mauell GmbH uses the process control system FlexCtrl for the remote monitoring of transformer substations at the energy supplier RWE. The I/O moduls ME30 by Mauell will be controlled directly via D1 or D2 radio modem or via dedicated lines. Further FlexCtrl applications are implemented for public utility companies, for gas measuring and so on.
Siemens AG BitCtrl realised as subcontructor of Siemens AG (Industry Sector - Mobility Division - Traffic Solutions) control center solutions for several traffic projects.
Vattenfall A huge FlexCtrl process control system is used in the heat plant Klingenberg in Berlin. Each of the 10.000 process variables of the heat and electrical values are monitored with 25 process monitors. The process level is connected via different process interfaces: Teleperm MECS275, Teleperm XP, Profibus FMS, Mauell ME30, Mauell ME2015, IEC 870-5 and special serial drivers.