SCADA process control system FlexCtrl

SCADA process control system FlexCtrl

The basis for the automation solutions is the process control system software FlexCtrl. It combines in its latest version 6 the proven qualities of real-time capability, distribution, modularity and scalability with modern requirements like object orientation and browser support.

FlexCtrl is distributed as modular product family. So it is available for all automation companies as effective basis for product development.

FlexCtrl is a capable, object orientated, high scalable system for the automation of technological processes.

The use of user defined structure types, graphical classes, alert classes, embedded IEC61131-3 code and additional innovative techniques allows the realisation of extensive projects in a easy, fast and service friendy way.

The biggest FlexCtrl project has been implemented in 2002. It contain more than 250.000 process variables, alerts and messages.

In comparation: The smallest FlexCtrl project needed only 10 process with 2MB RAM and 2MB Flash.

Outstanding properties

The bitcontrol® proprietary process control system owns the following outstanding properties:

  • High reliability, small resource consumption as well as easy scalability and excellent network ability by the use of the approved realtime operating system QNX. It offers system availability above the „Five Nines“ - 99,999%.
  • Continuous object orientation and inheritance, not only for process variables and graphic objects but also for rights, monitoring areas, interfaces, etc.
  • Online project engineering and online parametrization of the running application without reboot – made possible by the implementation of flexible, rule-based replication between project engineering and runtime system.
  • Uniform, consistent process model for the SCADA system and coupled subsystem, i.e. process variables of the SCADA system and substations have to be project engineered only once and can be used in both systems.
  • Comprehensive possibilities for project engineering users, user groups, group leaders, substitute relations, rights and responsibilities, for the latter including automatic check on the completeness of the monitoring.
  • Redundant operation in hot stand-by prevents the loss of events in case any component fails.
  • Modular structure of both the project engineering system and the runtime system provide high scalability.
  • Übergreifende Transparenz für verschiedene Plattformen, Anwendungen und Hersteller durch eine Reihe von Bestandteilen unter Linux und Windows.
  • Programming of all user-defined functions, function modules and programs in IEC61131-3 ST.
  • Use of IEC61131-3 functions in visualization, realtime database, alert processing, etc. as well as in programs and function modules for process control with Soft-PLC.
  • Simultaneous operation of most diverse connection types (fixed line, switched line, radio...) and manifold protocols (IEC870-5, CAN, Modbus, Profibus, Interbus, LON, Industrial Ethernet, etc.).
  • Embedded process monitoring with MPEG-2 video broadcast and processing by VidCtrl devices (extra brochure available).
  • Standardized interfaces over XML, SQL, ODBC, UNICODE, POSIX, IEC, ANSI, TCP/IP, internet, etc.

Fields of application

The process control system by BitCtrl can be used in the following fields of application:

  • Environment: damps, waterway junctions, waste water treatment plants, wells, weather stations, drinking water supply, mining
  • Power: heating and hydro-electric power plants, transformer stations, large transformers, EVU and municipalities, gasdistribution networks, gas storage
  • Transport and traffic: monitoring of railway stations, traffic control, traffic classification and counting, information and infotainment systems
  • Process industry: food, feed, chemical industry, raw materials, foundries, mills
  • Building automation: instrumentation, LON converter
  • Embedded systems: data logger, measuring instruments
  • Research: particle accelerator