Data logger / protocol converter IOFlex

Data logger / protocol converter IOFlex

The bitcontrol® Protocol Converter realises the die bidirectional conversion of different remote protocols especially between serial and network protocols. So the protocol converter can be used to connect decentralised units that only have a serial communication connection with a center via ethernet.


Fields of application

  • wether stations (temperature recording, Registrierung der Niederschlagsmenge usw.)
  • water industry (monitoring of pumping stations)
  • envionment monitoring
  • security and alert technology (building and property surveillance and so on)
  • transport technology

Application example

application example

The water level at a weir is recorded with a SPS. The data schould be transmitted to a distant process control system. From there, the responlible employee will do operational actions for the weir.

DieTransmitting data via SPS communication is most often very elaborately. IOFlex represents an intelligent communication link between SPS and control system or personal computer. It records the data and converts them to usable signals. If the PG interface of the SPS is already used by a display device, it can also be connected to the IOFlex device.