BitCtrl software

Software for automation technology

SCADA process control system FlexCtrl

The basis for the automation solutions is the process control system software FlexCtrl. It combines the proven qualities of real-time capability, distribution, modularity and scalability with modern requirements like object orientation and browser support.

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Data logger / Protocol converter IOFlex

IOFlex is a remote control station with objects that can be monitored dezentralized. Hardware requirement is a personal computer with installed IOFlex software and a connected radio or telephone modem.

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bitcontrol® Operation Data Collection

The solution bitcontrol® Operation Data Collection is used to collect operation data machine-orientated, save them internally and transmit them to superior DV systems or analyse them internally.

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bitcontrol® Forecasting Server


The bitcontrol® Forecasting Server is a cross sector system  for forcasting different historical values like gas and water consumption, electricity, traffic density and so on.

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Used technologies

BitCtrl provides furthermore third-party and proprietary software components for automation solutions like drivers for different cards and field bus support unter the real-time operating system QNX® bietet BitCtrl.