About BitCtrl

About BitCtrl Systems GmbH

The BitCtrl Systems GmbH is a software and system house, a development company and provider for products services and benefits in fields of

Infotainment Passenger information, advertisement, news, weather and entertainment for MTAs, for busses or trams, digital signage and stationary advertisement or infotainment systems, CMS – Content Managment Systems, CDS – Content Distribution Systems
Traffic engineering Traffic control center, traffic control sub center, software for outstations, traffic telematics, tunnel control systems, WEB information systems, traffic video surveillance, nationwide software for traffic control centers (data distributor)
IT and services Standard hardware, periphery and software, inclusive distribution, delivery, installation, service and maintenance; network engineering – assembly and implementing, individual hardware completion
IoT / Industry 4.0 Main subject in the field of horizontal and vertical networking of production systems (IoT / Industry 4.0) is the development of software solutions with OPC UA.
Multimedia bitcontrol® Multimedia Suite, codecs, streaming server, video surveillance; video recording, MPEG-1/2/4, H.264, DVB-T/S/C; RTSP, Flash, HLS, WMV streaming, individual custom engineering, consulting and training, service and maintenance (inclusive 24/7)
Industrial automation Problem solutions for process monitoring and controlling in automation industry, process technology, environmental end energy technologies, water management, traffic engineering, metallurgy, chemical and basic industries; SCADA system FlexCtrl, forecasting systems, embedded and real-time systems, data logger, protocol converter, remote control system, industrial hardware, assemblies, project planning, realisation, commissioning, service and maintenance inclusive 24/7, custom engineering
QNX RTOS QNX distribution, Momentics development environment, QNX runtimes, board support packages, QNX drivers and tools, QNX hardware, custom engineering, training and consulting, maintenance and service for QNX

The BitCtrl Systems GmbH has been pursuing its activities in Germany since 25 years. The products and supplies are used worldwide as standard producs or OEM parts in products of renowned manufacturers.

Note: Benefits will only be provided in Germany.

Fields of activity

  • Product development and F/E, especially for industrial automation, infotainment and multimedia
  • Custom engineering of complex software systems
  • Training and consulting, continuing education, practical training
  • Production and completion of devices and systems, supply, assembly and commissioning of IT based applications, services and maintenance
  • Distribution of standard software and hardware as authorised distributor / reseller for renowned manufacturers, especially QNX RTOS

The research and development benefits are executed in an efficient and quality assured manner using well-established process models, e.g. "V-Modell 97", "V-Modell XT", scrum, time-boxing with modern tools for modeling, design, implementation, test and validation with UML, SysML, SVN, Eclipse, bug tracker, nightly builds, requirements management ond others.

Programming is done in C/C++, Java, C#, Javascript, Phyton, SQL and other languages, also in assembler for hardware-related programming and drivers. The systems run under Windows/Linux server and desktop operating systems as well as under embedded OS.

The software developers have a deep understanding for the needs of real-time efforts that are based on the experiences with QNX RTOS.

The BitCtrl Systems GmbH currently employs 20 persons, including freelancers, students and trainees that are continuously being educated.

Most of the employees are high educated and have a  varied theoretical knowledge in engineering and  many years of practical experience in different fields of IT. Two-thirds of the employees are software developers.

The company owns different certificates and is partner or distributor for renowned companies like Microsoft®, Intel®, QNX®, Siemens, Samsung, HP, Vianova Technologies, Wortmann AG, Akcent.

The customers of the BitCtrl Systems GmbH appreciate especially the reliability, the promptness, the imagination, the flexibility, the customer-focused thinking and the high quality of the products and benefits.

The company is certified according quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.